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Finance Commission
No 03,
Sarana Mawatha,
Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka.

Hot Line : +94-11-2866747

Fax No : +94-11-2866679   

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The Finance Commission

Name Position Phone Mobile Email
Mr.Sumith Abeysinghe Chairman 0112866724
Mr. Ajith Nivard Cabraal Governor- CBSL 0112477477
Mr. S.R.Atygalle Secretary to the Treasury 0112484510
Mr. Razik Zarook Member 0112694278 0777751229
Mr. S. Samithamby Member 0772933537

Office of the Finance Commission 

Name Position Phone Mobile email
Mr. A.T.M.U.D.B. Tennakoon Secretary 0112866773 0773826568


1) Policy, Studies and Reporting Division 

Name Position Phone Mobile email
Mr.V. Mahendrarajah  Director  0112866760  0777583903
Mr. S.P.P. Wijesinghe Deputy Director  0112866887  0713544219
Ms. Deepthi Abeygunawardana  Deputy Director 0112866684 0714175536
Mr. G.T.T.K. Pushpasiri  ICT Officer    0113461440 0718686973
Ms. R.M.D.Nimali Rathnayake     Statistical Officer 0113461440 0713237672

2) Provincial Development and Planning Division 

Name Position Phone Mobile email
Mr. S.M.R.S. Bandara  Director 0112866644 0710119422
Mr.P.R.Nishantha Sujeewa   Asst. Director 0112866698 0716290599
Ms.T. Abeysekera  Asst. Director 0112866649 0716146386
Ms. W.G. Manoja Wasanthi   Asst. Director 0113461441 0714967331

3) Provincial Recurrent Needs & Cadre Assessment Division

Name Position Phone Mobile email
Mr. M.L.A. Chandradasa  Director 0112866803 0773576436
Ms. D.P.L.E.N. Gunasekara  Deputy Director 0112866854 0718126193

4) Provincial Revenue Division

Name Position Phone Mobile email
Ms. S.K. Kothalawala   Chief Accountant 0112866722 0718108462
Ms. Amali Handunpathirana Deputy Director 0113461442 0772548885

5) Administration & Establishment Division

Name Position Phone Mobile email
Ms.S.N. Sanjeevanie  Director 0112866717 0711010623
Ms. Renu Oshadee Bandara   Administrative Officer 0112866671 0772833314

 6) Accounts Division

Name  Position Phone Mobile email
Mr. S.D.C. Chandrasiri  Accountant 0112866737 0710533870

 7) Internal Audit Division

Name Position Phone Mobile email
Ms. A.W.K.S. Ranasinghe   Internal Auditor 0112866779 0713036116

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