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Finance Commission
No 03,
Sarana Mawatha,
 Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka.
Hot Line : +94-11-2866747 Fax No : +94-11-2866679    Email : info@fincom.gov.lk/ fincom@sltnet.lk

Senior Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Mr. U.H. Palihakkara Chairman 0112866724 fcsl.chairman@gmail.com
Mr. A.T.M.U.D.B. Tennakoon Secretary 0112866773 addsec101@gmail.com


Mr. Mahindra Raj Director Research 0112866887
Mr. S.M.R.S. Bandara Director 0112866644 bandarasiri@yahoo.com


Mr. M.L.A. Chandradasa Director 0112866803 chandradasamla@gmail.com


Mr. R.A.S.K. Ranasinghe Chief Accountant 0112866722  kegsusantha@gmail.com
Ms.S.N. Sanjeevanie Director (Administration) 0112866717 admin@fincom.gov.lk
Ms.T.G.Chandra Malanie Assistant Director 0112866684 fcsl.adchandra@gmail.com
Ms.D.P.L.E.N. Gunasekara Assistant Director 0112866854 adresearch@fincom.gov.lk
Mr. P.R. Nishantha Sujeewa Assistant Director / Informatiom Officer 0112866698 admonitor@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. Thiloka Abeysekera Assistant Director 0112866779 adbudget@fincom.gov.lk
Ms.Kalpani Ranasinghe Internal Auditor 0112866760


Ms. R.O. Bandara Administration Officer 0112866671 admin@fincom.gov.lk
Mr. G.T.T.K. Pushpasiri   ICT Officer 0112866747 it@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. R.M.D. Nimali Rathnayaka  Statistical Officer  0112866747 statoff@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. M.C. Damayanthi Assistant Research Officer- Uwa Province 0112866747 up@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. K.A.S.D. Nilanthi Assistant Research Officer- Sabaragamuwa Province 0112866747 sgp@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. R.R. Ranasinghe  Assistant Research Officer- Western Province  0112866747 wp@fincom.gov.lk
Mr. S.K.K. Gaminda Assistant Research Officer - Nothern Province 0112866747 np@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. A.R. Marina Assistant Research Officer 0112866747  
Mr. M.B.M.H.A. Bandara Assistant Research Officer- Central Province  0112866747 cp@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. D.D.J. Kumari Assistant Research Officer - North Central Province 0112866747 ncp@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. P. Indradevi  Assistant Research Officer 0112866747  
Ms. P.D.C. Niroshi Program Officer  0112866747  
Ms. E.H.M. Dinusha Herath  Program Officer - Sourthern Province  0112866747 sp@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. K.A.T.N. Perera Program Officer - Eastern Province 0112866747 ep@fincom.gov.lk
Mr. T.A. Sarathchandra Kumara Program Officer - North Western Province  0112866747 nwp@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. Gangani Kuruppumullage Program Officer 0112866824  


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