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Finance Commission
No 03,
Sarana Mawatha,
Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka.

Hot Line : +94-11-2866747
Fax No : +94-11-2866679
Email : info@fincom.gov.lk

You can send any suggestion or complaint to info@fincom.gov.lk

The Finance Commission
Name Position Phone Mobile Email
Mr.Sumith Abeysinghe Chairman 0112866724 0777281963 abeysinghe.sumith@gmail.com
Mr. Ajith Nivard Cabraal Governor - Central Bank 011-2477477 sg@cbsl.lk
Mr. S.R.Atygalle Secretary to the Treasury 011-2484510 st@mo.treasury.gov.lk
Mr. Razik Zarook Member 011- 2694278 077-7751229 razikzarook@yahoo.com
Mr. S. Samithamby Member 077-2933537 samithamby2011@gmail.com

Office of the Finance Commission

Name Position Phone Mobile Email
Mr. A.T.M.U.D.B. Tennakoon Secretary 0112866773 0773826568 secretary@fincom.gov.lk


(1) Policy Research & Publication Division

Name Position Phone Mobile Email
Mr.V. Mahendrarajah Director 0112866760 0777583903 vmahendrarajah@gmail.com
Mr. S.P.P. Wijesinghe Deputy Director 0112866887 0713544219 adresearch@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. Deepthi Abeygunawardana Deputy Director 0112866684 0714175536 deepthi.moppea@gmail.com
Ms. Amali Handunpathirana Asst. Director 0772548885 handunpathirana@gmail.com
Mr. G.T.T.K. Pushpasiri ICT Officer 0112866747 0718686973 it@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. R.M.D.Nimali Rathnayake Statistical Officer 0112866747 0713237672 deeparathnayaka@gmail.com

(2) Provincial Development and Planning Division

Name Position Phone Mobile Email
Mr. S.M.R.S. Bandara Director 0112866644 0710119422 dirplan@fincom.gov.lk
Mr.P.R.Nishantha Sujeewa Asst. Director 0112866698 0716290599 adplan@fincom.gov.lk
Ms.T. Abeysekera Asst. Director 0112866649 0716146386 adplan2@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. W.G. Manoja Wasanthi Asst. Director 0714967331 manojaifad@yahoo.com

(3) Provincial Recurrent Needs & Cadre Assessment Division

Name Position Phone Mobile Email
Mr. M.L.A. Chandradasa Director 0112866803 0773576436 dirbudget@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. D.P.L.E.N. Gunasekara Deputy Director 0112866854 0718126193 adbudget@fincom.gov.lk

(4) Administration & Establishment Division

Name Position Phone Mobile Email
Ms.S.N. Sanjeevanie Director 0112866717 0711010623 admin@fincom.gov.lk
Ms. Renu Oshadee Bandara Administrative Officer 0112866671 0772833314 renuoshadee@gmail.com

(5) Accounts Division

Name Position Phone Mobile Email
Ms. S.K. Kothalawala Chief Accountant 0112866722 0718108462 ca@fincom.gov.lk
Mr. S.D.C. Chandrasiri Accountant 0112866737 0710533870 mchameerachandrasiri@gmail.com

(6) Internal Audit Division

Name Position Phone Mobile Email
Ms. A.W.K.S. Ranasinghe internal Auditor 0112866779 0713036116 inauditor@fincom.gov.lk

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